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'Hatchet’ film inspired by GTA:V

(Originally Published in the Temple News)

Somewhere along Tom Caswell’s childhood, his career aspiration changed.  

He’s unable to pinpoint the exact age – it was well before high school, but he knows that his dreams of becoming a rock star fizzled out and he decided he wanted to make movies instead.

Caswell references that some of the behind-the-scenes extras on his favorite movies captured his attention. Enthralled by the work and energy put into titles like “Lord of the Rings” and the “Matrix” series, he would sit and watch these additions as much as the movies themselves. Caswell said he could not only recite dialogue from the films, but also the answers the actors gave during interviews.

After making short films in high school, Caswell decided to make the leap and attend college for his hobby. He’s made a handful of films since, but the now junior film and video major at Drexel University has a new film project in the works.

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